Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quote from one of the guys who started the idea, from Sammyboy Alfresco Coffeeshop.

Hi everyone.

Please remember this event is to show our displeasure over the forced compulsory annuities that starts payouts at age 85 and forfeits our capital upon death before 85. It is not against the current annuities available.

Please also don't be foolish enough to get identified and marked for life. There are many people here who have many different agendas, please do not in a moment of anger against the government be used by them.

We have to remember why we are going to CentrePoint dressed in black on 8th September 2007.

8th September 2007 is a day we all go shopping in CentrePoint, but dressed in black. When you are there, please don't just stand there - you may get singled out - just go shopping within CentrePoint. There is no need to be fully black from head to toe, just either the top or bottom is black can liao.

I am strongly against any suggestions that will identify the participants. I disagree with wearing a black armband or a black ribbon or anything that will sets us apart, I think it is a very foolish idea as such items will identify us.

It will make it very much easier for the authorities to differentiate who are the real shoppers and who are those against the compulsory annuities scheme.

Being identified is not the name of the game. We don't intend to be martyrs - please make sure you don't become one.

It is a citizens' effort, we don't need people like CSJ because we are not making a political statement. We do it because we love - we want equitable policies for ourselves and our love ones. So, please don't be used by others for their own hidden agendas.

Shopping is not a crime. Shopping dressed in black is also not a crime. We just want to tell the government, please think of us when they come out with future policies. It is not our aim to bring down the government. We just want them to know that we have feelings, we have aspirations and we know how to think and in future, when they come up with policies, they should be equitable policies.

So, just go shopping with friends and relatives - no need for heroics. And for maximum impact, it will be good if all of us can be there from 4pm onwards. Can you just imagine an entire CentrePoint building of shoppers dressed in black? Shopping is a national pastime, so let's just go shopping on the 8th September 2007 dressed in black in CentrePoint for a good cause!

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