Thursday, May 24, 2007

Singapore's Progress Package wins UN award

CNA article here

This is really disgusting, is there still justice in this world?
The progress package payout was on 1st May 2006. Polling Day was on 6th May 2006. Instead of being slammed with vote-buying, they get an award... this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Another thing that doesn't sit really well....

Quote from the article linked above

"Mr Tharman said this open-ness, together with trust, is also extended to people, enterprise and ideas from all over the world.

And these qualities are helping with Singapore's branding.

He said that although Singapore should monitor the negative aspects, it does not have to be defensive about them."

If Mr Tharman claims to be on the same page as the rest of the PAP, or this is the general consensus of the rest of the PAP, especially at the upper echelons... then

This is a bleeping bloody frickin busload of bullcrap... especially coming from a PAP minister...
How many times have we heard "mind your own business" from the Govt when Singapore gets negative press?
How many occasions have we seen the Govt get fiercely defensive with negative criticism about being draconian, lack of independent press etc?
How many times have foreign publications been sued by Govt leaders? Most recently the case with the Far Eastern Economic Review last Aug. is one classic example.

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